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  • A vehicle for most people is one of the largest investments they will make.

  • Even if you still have a payoff, we will handle the payoff and give you a check for the equity.

  • sellacar123 takes away the hassle of trying to sell your vehicle yourself.

  • No purchase necessary.

  • You go through the inspection with us.  No mystery where the value comes from.

  • sellacar123 is part of the Ed Koehn Automotive Group.  With 3 locations we can not only get you the money your vehicle is worth, but with multiple locations we're minutes away.


Why not just sell it yourself?

It is true, you may be able to get a fair value for your vehicle by selling it yourself, but have you tried this recently?  More often than not these days, the websites you might use to do this are fraught with scams and problems.  So, you list your vehicle online.  Someone contacts you to say they are interested.  You take time off work to meet them at your house.  (Do you want them at your house?) Do they show up? Often not.  When they do show up, they want to drive your vehicle. (Your insured vehicle.)  When they get back from dirving your vehicle, they make some ridiculous low offer.  What a waste of time.  Your time is more valuable than that.


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